Dr. Jollie-Trottier is a national presenter, motivational speaker, and educator. She capitates her audience with engaging and interactive presentations. She presents and offers trainings in the area of psychology, behavioral health, wellness and art. She is passionate about public speaking and sharing knowledge, experience, and skills with organizations, work groups, communities, etc.  Dr. Jollie-Trottier has been presenting for over 15 years and below she offers examples of workshops and presentations that are available. She can modify the length of her presentation to meet the needs of your organization and/or develop specific presentations and trainings based on your needs.

The Trauma Cyclone in Indian Country: Healing Historical, Self and Family Hurts provides up-to-date information on the impact that historical trauma and cumulative stress has on the biopsychosocial aspects of Native woman and children; and to identify action steps for individuals to begin the journey

towards healthy change within a dysfunctional familial system of emotional, physical, and/or generational abuse. 

Length of Presentation: 2 hours (Minimum)

Audience: Community, Professional

Target Audience: Adolescents, Adults

Recommended Group Size: Small, Medium, and Large 

Emotional Healing Through Native Story Telling is a workshop that utilizes Anishinaabe cultural teachings and oral tradition to engage the audience in self-discovery, healing, and expressive writing. The presentation challenges the audience to avoid fears, be creative, and express themselves through guided writing exercises. Dr. Jollie-Trottier shares her growth in writing, expressive art, and story telling, while encouraging others to explore and express their inner voices.

Minimum length: 3 Hours

Recommended Length: 6-12 Hours

Audience: This workshop is designed for intense self exploration, therefore, an adult audience is most fitting; however, the content can be modified to fit all ages who have ability of written expression.

Recommended Group Size: Small to Medium

Compassion Fatigue: Hope and Healing in Indian Country is a training designed to assist caregivers, behavioral health providers, social services provides, medical, and spiritual counselors with the definition between Compassion Fatigue and Professional Burnout. This workshop provides a unique look at the role that Historical Trauma plays in both compassion fatigue and burnout in reservation settings and Native communities. Dr. Trottier offers hope and healing for those providers who are on the front lines, proving much needed resources to Indian Country. 

Length of Training: 3 hours (Minimum)
Recommended: 6- 12 Hours

Audience: This workshop is designed for professionals in a "Helping Field;" however, the content applies to anyone who has taken the role of Caretaker, either in their home or in their community, or both.

Target Audience: Adult

Recommended Group Size: Small, Medium, and Large