Oral Storytelling

Elders will be invited to share traditional storytelling to pass along this important part of the Anishinabe history our children. Elders will be encouraged to spend time interacting with the youth and creating art, preserving stories, and promoting cultural identify development inour youth. 

Mission Statement:
GenerationArt will strive to encourage the development of creative expression through use of the arts, allowing individuals to expand and enrich one another’s lives through self-awareness and acceptance.  

Promote intergenerational interaction
Promote Cultural Identity
Promote Spiritual Growth and Development 
Art as A pathway to Cultural health, Spiritual Healing, and community Leadership

Promote Community Leadership Encourage development of Native Art 

Creative Expression has been used for healing for centuries. As individuals, we sometimes rely on symbolism, pictures, stories, colors, and patterns to communicate our most inner wants, passions, insecurities, and self.  Art is a universal activity that all can be a part of and contribute to the beauty of this world. Our ancestors relied on art for ceremonial purposes, basic communication, and to identify clans or tribes. There is something very healing about creative a piece of art that is uniquely yours and sharing it with your tribe, community, and self to feed your soul and nurture the spirit. Art is call to the child within to share with the children of this generation. GenerationArt offers a place for this healing work to begin and to blossom in the hopes of creating ongoing generations of collaborative community health, healing, and community leadership.


Dr. Jollie-Trottier utilizes art to promote healing and leadership development in Indian Country. She paints images that tell a story of faith and cultural identity, promoting the building and maintenance of a strong foundation as part of one’s journey.  She will provide workshops during her 2-year Bush Fellowship and GenerationArt will be used as a place to gather, learn, and create.  Also, local artists will be recruited for specialty workshops and trainings for the community.

Native Youth Identity Initiative

GenerationArt will focus on providing art resources to the youth of the Turtle Mountains. This space will be beautifully designed, inviting, and open for use by the community. Local youth will be welcomed into the creative space and encouraged to learn, grow, and create with the hope of passing along stories and teachings of faith and tradition of the Turtle Mountains. Future leadership starts with a strong foundation grounded in cultural, spiritual, and mental health. Dr. Jollie-Trottier believes that our community can use art to heal, prosper, and lead our community into an elevated sense of pride.

GenerationArt is being developed on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation by an enrolled member and local psychologist, Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier. Dr. Jollie-Trottier has included the development of a cultural art location as part of her Bush Fellowship program as part of her community leadership and development for her award years 2016-2018. GenerationArt will be located in the Belcourt Shopping Mall located in the heart of the Turtle Mt. Reservation of Belcourt, ND.

 Writing Circles

According to Dr. Jollie-Trottier, every tribal member has a story to tell and GenerationArt space will provide a supportive environment for written expression and sharing. Writing circles will be follow a similar format to traditional talking circles, where individuals are interactive, supported, and respected while they create and share.